16 March 2020


We would like to inform all our customers, collaborators and suppliers that despite the situation generated by COVID-19, ALETROP continues with its activity, complying with the measures and guidelines established by the Government, and in accordance with the Contingency Plan detailed below.

We maintain the usual channels of contact with our staff, although we recommend that you contact us preferably by email, or telephone.

As this situation of force majeure becomes regularized, we will reactivate the face-to-face activities, trips, meetings and other activities that have been postponed.

Aletrop’s commitment in the current situation is to minimize, as much as possible, the impact of these difficult moments we are living.

We are aware of the uncertainty generated by this exceptional situation, so we will keep you informed through our website.


  1. INFORMATION: Posters with useful messages, regarding symptoms and ways to act, have been posted in work rooms, waiting rooms, meeting rooms, places of passage and bathrooms.
  2. ACQUISITION OF MATERIALS TO PREVENT CONTAGIOUSNESS: Necessary materials have been acquired to avoid contagion, masks, disinfectant gel, cleaning tools, gloves, among others.
  3. MODIFICATION OF TIMETABLES: A continuous working day has been established for office staff and new shift schedules have been established to facilitate the adoption of preventive measures. Each worker has been informed by the head of his/her department about the schedule in which he/she is included.
  4. ORGANISATION OF MEETINGS/VISITS: Meetings/visits with customers, suppliers, and other external persons have been temporarily cancelled, and it has been forbidden to have internal meetings that are not essential, especially those meetings with the participation of workers from different offices or departments. Care will be taken not to hold meetings of more than two people, and exceptionally, if necessary, they will be held in rooms that allow participants to be kept at a minimum distance of one and a half metres.
  5. EXTENSION OF THE CLEANING PROTOCOLS: The cleaning service is reinforced to carry out periodic cleaning/disinfecting of toilets and common areas, paying special attention to those areas most susceptible to contagion.
  6. TELEWORK: In accordance with the recommendations of the health authorities, the company considers the option of teleworking as the most effective option against the risk of contagion, so that all positions that allow it, perform teleworking since March 16.
  7. NEW DISTRIBUTION OF OFFICE STAFF: In collaboration with the heads of the office departments, it has been decided to change the location of some office staff positions, thus ensuring fewer people working in the same room, thus increasing the distance between positions.
  8. TRAVEL CANCELLATION: All trips are temporarily cancelled.

Aletrop has also implemented internal ACTION PROTOCOLS conditioned on the adoption of measures established by the health authorities that have been communicated within the company.